About Our Pharmacy

Health Fit Pharmacy is an independently owned community pharmacy operated by a Texas licensed pharmacist with over 25 years retail pharmacy experience and with a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. Health Fit Pharmacy opened in the Heights Community in 2009 when the neighborhood residents saw the need for more personalized and caring customer service by pharmacy staff. In our experience of having the privilege to serve the Heights Community for over 5 years, we’ve learned that large retail pharmacies were abundant in this neighborhood but lacked convenience, customer service, compassion, and consistent patient support; we strive to bring all that and much more. We focus on the patient’s whole health through good eating habits, weight control, and medication therapy.

We are proud to serve the community as Your Community Pharmacy. We employ full-time and part-time staff. We also hire students from local colleges and universities for temporary positions allowing them the opportunity to work and learn the craft while continuing to attend classes. Since the owners are community-oriented, Health Fit Pharmacy actively supports community and civic projects and has sponsored events as an active member of the Heights Chamber of Commerce.

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What We Provide

We are a full-service, independently owned pharmacy located in the Heights, close to downtown and the Galleria area in Houston, Texas. We offer the following services:


Overview of our Programs & Services

  • On-site Pharmacist, FREE patient consultations available
  • Accept most major insurance plans
  • Over 100 generic medications available for only $1.00 (30 - day supply)
  • FREE blood pressure monitoring on-site
  • FREE blood glucose monitoring on-site
  • Diabetes education and management
  • Influenza vaccinations available on-site
  • Transfer prescriptions from any other pharmacy
  • E-mail available for refill, transfer, or new prescriptions


FREE Local Delivery

Our full-service pharmacy can prepare all your prescriptions. We offer free delivery to your home or office. You can also order over-the-counter items with any of the three options:

  • New Prescription
  • Prescription Refill
  • Prescription Transfer From Another Pharmacy


Hours of Operation

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday || 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Saturday || Closed Sunday


Contact Information

(713) 802-2441 || (713) 802-2338 || support@healthfitpharmacy.com


* After business hours, prescriptions can be faxed to us or e-scribed from your doctor's office. The prescription will be filled the next business day unless medication has to be ordered. For more information, call us today. We would be happy to answer your questions.

* For any other general inquiries, feel free to send us an email or contact us on our Facebook page or via direct message on Twitter. One of our pharmacists will get back to you promptly.





Affiliate Doctors, Clinics and Medical Services, access our easy online prescription refill system and get your patients' medications filled and delivered in record time and professional service by our team of dedicated online pharmacy support technicians!

* Special dedicated account credentials required to access this system. Interested third-parties, contact us for more information and to enroll.

Our Services

Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills, Home Delivery, Medication Adherence, Flu Shots & Immunizations, Med Synchronization, Private Consultation.

Over the counter Meds

Pain Medication, Cold & Allergy Meds, Vitamins, Oral Health products, Feminine Hygiene products, First Aid items, Contraceptive Aids.

Drug Compounding

Preparation, mixing, assembling, altering, packaging, labeling of a drug, drug-delivery device or other device to our patients.

Special Needs

Allergy-friendly medications, Pediatric Compounding (customization in taste, flavors, in from pill to liquid), Creams and Lotions Compounding (topical form, dermatologic) for treatment of skin conditions (Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Alopecia, Warts and Nail Fungus).

Veterinary Compounding

We understand that pets are important family members and have special needs and taste requirements. We work with veterinarians and pet owners to prepare prescriptions for dogs, cats, birds, and more. We even prepare prescriptions for the Houston Zoo for their more exotic animals.

U.S. Post Office

Health Fit Pharmacy houses a US Contract Postal Station Unit where you will find short lines and efficient service and most services found at other major branches including Priority flat rate boxes, Express Mailing, Overnight Express, Certified and Insured, International Mailing, Stamps and more.

Special & Limited-Run Programs

At our pharmacy, we continuously strive to implement the best programs and solutions to help our clients reach their highest health potentials. Some of these programs are limited to certain groups; Others are available only during certain months of the year (our seasonal programs); We sometimes offer special classes or seminars to address a specific concern of our community; Finally we partner with other local health organizations for special events and more. Click the button below to learn more.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Health Fit Pharmacy is recognized in the community as a reliable provider of exceptional service, expert support and the attention patients need to manage their health. HFP is a locally-owned, independent, full-service pharmacy. We accept most major prescription plans, with the same co-pays as national chains. We are your neighborhood apothecary and source for wellness. Our mission is to provide excellent service, quality products, and unique health care solutions.

Our Vision

We see a world where people are healthy and happy, with health care being effortlessly accessible, affordable, and truly effective in carrying out its purpose. We envision people of all ages, gender, status, ethnicity, belief, and condition to equally receive excellent health care services. We see health professionals and people fighting disease, unhealthiness, and poor life quality together without gaps, prejudice, and discrimination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the vision that we have for health cares and people. It is our duty and responsibility to acquire knowledge and training with regarding health and medication and to dedicate these achievements to the betterment of everyone’s health and life regardless of the diversity of identity and origin. Without a vision and a mission, our company would be heading to nowhere. That is why we thank you for the inspiration you give us. We promise to repay you.

Our Team

Bonita Billings

Owner, Office Manager

Arthur Billings


Donna Hooper

Pharmacy Technician

Contact Us

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